Life is too short to wake up in the morning


Posted on : 18-12-2013 | By : Vaseem Ansari | In : Poems

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the one who don’t.

Idea New GPRS Pack | How to Check GPRS Balance


Posted on : 10-12-2013 | By : Vadeem | In : Idea, Internet Tips, Mobile Phones and Service Providers

If you are searching for how to check GPRS balance in idea then this post is worth for you. Dial *776# or *777# as it works for me. You can also find the url in this post that will tell you the approx usage of the GPRS services used.

Play Game to Feed These Little Hungry Goldfishes


Posted on : 05-12-2013 | By : Vaseem Ansari | In : Games

If you are have been busy in office and other tasks in your life and need a rest or getting bored in office then you can try feeding these goldfishes. Its a wonderful simple flash game created by aBowman. I hope you will like this.

How to Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 8


Posted on : 05-12-2013 | By : Tanu | In : Windows 8, Windows Operating System

If you see that the Hibernate option is not there in your windows 8 and you want to enable it then you can see the simple steps to enable the Hibernate option in windows 8 operating system.

How to Restore Default Search Engine In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


Posted on : 04-12-2013 | By : Vaseem Ansari | In : Browsers, Google, Google Chrome, Internet Tips, Mozilla-Firefox

If you have done something wrong in your browser and by doing that you have lost your default Search Engine and now you don’t know how to restore it. Well in that case this post is for you my dear friend. I’m writing this post to help you restore your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Top 15 Tips to Deal With Stress


Posted on : 04-12-2013 | By : Vaseem Ansari | In : Inspirational Sayings, Life, Success

How do you disconnect from the stress of your day, and genuinely relax and restore your energy levels? So today I’d like to encourage you to take a look at how YOU deal with stress.