Comparison between Marriage, Education and Men/Women


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Comparison between Marriage, Education and Men/Women

A blissful married life requires 2 loving and devoted people. If you are getting married in coming weeks/months then this post is the best source for your personal evolution. Read what are the factors are useful for happy married life. Education and Salary is a well known things. But does these two things must be in Men and Women as well.

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Marriage, Education and Men
Even the male gender is not spared from this agony. Even young men are coached to earn good salaries so that they become independent. Being independent is a very desirable trait but only a few know the hidden motive behind it. Young men are trained to become the sole breadwinners, even if their wives earn. It is an unwritten rule for most Indian men to consider their wives’ incomes as off-limits. Taking even a paisa from one’s wife is treated as a taboo by many men. So, if guys want to get married, then they better have very good salaries.
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Marriage, Education and Women
Elders say that a good pay package depends upon our college degree. But there are so many people who have earned billions without getting proper college degrees. Since, this is not an option for regular people like us; we have to strive for higher education. It is often drilled into our heads that if we do not get a decent degree, we will not get married. It is even observed in India that girls are compelled to get a college degree only to get a suitable husband, preferably rich. It might sound cruel but this is a cold fact.

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