How to Display RSS Feeds from other websites in your PHP Page


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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and Atom are two famous feed format.

If you open any RSS Feed page, first line starts with < ?xml … ?> and then and at the end .
So anything inside and is feed data.
Every content is placed under .
So all we need to do is read information inside and display it.

Here is a sample program that does it.

/* Our Code Starts Here */

//Enter the Feed url as parameter to function

$xml = simplexml_load_file(””);

//To check if the read document is a rss feed

$contents = $xml->channel->item;
foreach($contents as $content)
echo $content->title;
echo $content->description;
echo “Invalid RSS Format”;

/* Our Code Ends Here */

I will provide you the complete zip file of the php code very soon. Please be in touch and keep on reading.

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