Most important Things to Check Before Starting a Long Motorcycle Trip


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When i went to Bangkok then Phuket this New Year then i did not think about the important things that need to be remembered before going on a long trip. Although Me and my friends(Pallav and Umesh) did not gone on a long ride as Phuket is a small island. Well today i am writing this post to let you know about the must remembered things before going on a bike trip.

Most important Things to Check Before Starting a Long Motorcycle Trip

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Make sure both tires are properly inflated, using an air pressure monitor that you bring with you on rides. Don’t risk riding on tires that might need replacement; if suspect a tire will not last long enough for a ride, have it replaced.

Are your cables (clutch and brakes) and controls intact and working?

Make sure your headlights (high & low beam), turn signals, and brake lights work.
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Oils & fluids
Check everything from engine oil and coolant to brake fluid.

Ensure that the frame, suspension, chain, and fasteners are all secure and intact.
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Make sure the center stand and/or side stand isn’t cracked or bent, and that springs properly hold the assembly away from the pavement when stowed.

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