Simple Questions to Ask a Girl on first Meeting


Posted on : 17-04-2012 | By : Ajay | In : Career, Life, Love, Marriage

Life is so busy now a days and many couples forget to ask each other vital questions before marriage. Here are a few primary ones that couples should think about asking so that they do not be apologetic about their decision later. If you are a guy or girl who is about to meet your life partner for the very first time then this article will be very helpful for you. I am writing this post because my close friend is searching for her soulmate and when she got a call from him, she was surprised and she don’t know what she should ask on the first call.

Questions to Ask to the Groom on First Meeting or Before Marriage


Posted on : 15-04-2012 | By : Vaseem Ansari | In : Career, Life, Love, Marriage, Success

If you are going to meet him then i don’t think you will keep silent all the time. There must be some questions that you want to ask him. So here is a list of few useful things that you should remember asking while meeting for the first time or while talking him first time.