Photography tips and tricks

    1. Observe the lights.

Photography as the name suggests deals with the study of light. Light is one of the main influencing factor for a good photography. We should observe the effect of light before taking photographs. Before sunset and after sunrise is the best time for photography. When you focus your camera for shooting, first observe the position of sun. Note the sun is behind the camera or in front.

2. Purchasing a good digital bridge camera.

A good camera gives good photographs. It is not the necessary to buy a new one if there is an old one with good facilities are there. SLR cameras are the new generation trend so obviously you can go for a one like that.

3. Old photo gallery referral.

Before taking photographs, first go to an old library or gallery having good photos and take a reference from all those. Internet can also be a good source for referral.

4. Spotting the place for shooting.

Spotting the place for photography is also an important step. You have to visit a place hundred times until you get good photographs from there. Fixing a place and visiting it again and again for photography is the best way to learn photography. Imagination plays a great role in photography. Before taking photographs you to think about it and creative photography makes much role than normal snapshots.

5. Setting the camera.

You can go through the instruction manual of the camera. You can adjust your settings according to that. Shutter speed defines the depth of photography.

6. Editing photos using specialized  software.

Photoshop and lightroom are the specialized software for editing. You have to master these for better editing. A short term course in these will make you an expert.

7. Making online contacts for sharing.

Making a group and sharing daily updates will be better than uploading hundreds, because there are millions of photos available in internet.

8. Setting time schedule for photography.

You have to set time schedule for photography which makes you to set your goals timely and effectively.

9. Research and studies.

Advancement in digital photography gives you confidence and knowledge. You can teach for keeping your knowledge safe and improved. Learn more and apply more.

10. Printing your photos and displaying it.

After editing also you will feel a confusion that how the colour and composition will work on your pictures. Virtual display can get you into the minutes so you can make prints and can see closely your improvement and drawbacks.

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