Photography tips and tricks – About the Expodisc.

Exposdisc in photography is one of the best tool to use. After taking photographs in Auto White Balance you have to do the post processing step right? now you can save a lot of time by using the Expodisc. It gives the perfectly matched skin tone photos avoiding the effort of post editing.

Expodisc as shown in the above image is a disc you can use in your device which manages the entry of light from all directions including 3 – D objects such as people. It can be set in custom white balance. It uses the principle of incidence of light. If you see white snow flakes but with the background of the blue sky or green grass, dont’t worry expodisc helps you to get the original whitish images as you see.

Types of Expodisc

1. Neutral

2. Potrait

How to set Expodisc

step 1 : Go to the Custom White Balance settings

step 2 : Screw the Honeycomb portion of the Expodisc outside the lens and fix it.

step 3 : Turn Off Auto focus

Step 4 : Hold the White Balance button until the Pre blinks

step 4 : Press the shutter once Pre is blinked.

That’s al l!! you have done.

Note : It varies for different cameras, so follow your white balance instructions to take good photos with Expodisc.

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