Photography tips and tricks – White Balance adjustment

Hi, Today we can learn about the White Balance Settings in your digital camera. Have you noticed the yellowish or whitish appearance in your photos ??? It looks fade sometimes and unclear. A perfect remedy for the above problem is the manual adjustments of white balance. Here comes a note about Custom White Balance.

Auto-White Balance

auto wb







Custom White Balance

Custom White Balance can give you clearer pictures. How to set it???

1. Click on White Balance Button.

2. Change your auto-white balance settings to Custom White Balance.

3. Set the Gray scale nearer to 18 % or somewhat nearer to the one you want to take.

4. Fill the frame with white or gray card.

5. Now take photos in lighting.

There are lots of other options also instead of custom white balance, you can try any of those. They are tungsten, cloudy, daylight, flash, shade, fluorescent and auto.

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