Jibo – A home robot for the price of a tablet

A home robot “jibo” for the price of a tablet will be like your personal secretary, will click photos for you, talk to you, tell you about the emails you receive and do much more once you link it to your emails and phone accounts. Jibo can relay texts and phone calls to you.

Make your Android smartphone smarter with AutomateIt App

The android app AutomateIt does some magical things in my mobile like – 1. Automatically turn silent at night?
2. Conserve power when battery level is low? 3.Control various settings based on time or location? 4. Power on bluetooth when i am in car so that i can use my car bluetooth when i receive calls and turn off the bluetooth when i left my car.
5. It automatically turn on the Wifi when i am in office or at home and turn off the Wifi when i go away from Home or Office.