PHP : How to check Browser on Server Side using HTTP_USER_AGENT

Being a PHP Programmer sometime you need to check the browser and browser version to resolve some coding bug or change the functionality as per the browser. Internet Explorer is always a headache for me and this is why sometimes i need to check the Internet Explorer Version while coding. So today i am sharing a very simple PHP code to check the browser on Server Side using HTTP_USER_AGENT. Hope this will save your soul in need.


Magento : How to get Product Reviews posted during a time period

Well sometime you may want to show the review posted during specific date in magento. I goggled for this a lot and did not find any solution for this so i am sharing a very simple way to get the products reviews posted by guests/customers in Magento.

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Habits of Successful and Unsuccessful People

Everyone have some good and bad habits but there are some important qualities that makes anyone successful. Lets find out what are those habits that can help you get success by achieving important goals in your life.