Topmost tourist attraction in America, canada – Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls are a tourist attraction in South America, Canada. It has three falls namely Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. It is the World’s biggest waterfall with a vertical fall of 165 feet. The Niagara Falls are tremendous and is a source of hydro-electric power. A pleasant view can be possible from the rainbow bridge, just downriver the falls. The Whirlpool Rapids Bridge is the oldest bridge and is one mile from falls. Several movies, literature, music are developed based on Niagara. One of the main attractions of the Niagara Falls is “Maid of the Mist” boat cruise. Visitors are allowed both morning and evening. Night view with lightening effects are glorious. Two views are available for tourists, they are :

American view

Prospect Point Park Observation Power is the destination that allows you to visualise the scenic view. Goat Island also allows view.

Canadian View

The Skylon Tower and Minolta Tower facilitates the view of Falls absolutely.

Topmost tourist attraction in Russia – Moika / Yusupov Palace

Moika / Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace in Russia was primarily the residence of  Princess Yusupovs – a well known royal family in Russia. They were the richest family in 19th century in Russia. They lived from 1830 – 1917. The interiors of the palace were rich in art forms and various eye catching architecture which attracts tourists to visit at least one time in life. They had designed private rooms also well arranged in royal style. Rasputin was a holy man who got murdered in this palace on December 16-17 1916. One of the best thing to notice is the Moika River surrounds the yellow-palace. The Palatial Theatre is one of the most attractive place to visit in this palace.


Best attraction in South America – Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, Colombia.

Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, lies in Colombia, South America. This beautiful park is created in 1864 at the Caribbean coastline for the refreshment and relax of the tourists. It is surrounded by trophical rain forests, snow capped mountain and shores that captures your mind. The freezy wind at the Caribbean makes your mind refreshing. You can have tents or walk through the beach side to enjoy your time. It is the second best place to visit in Colombia. Cabo San Juan is the best swimming place for the water-lovers. Sierra Naveda ATV consists of archelogical sites, waterfalls and ancient roads. Echohabs can be chosen as the best place to stay as it provides a panoramic view of trophical forests and Caribbean sea. Visitors can choose many ways to adventure such as trecking, bird watching or simply walking through forests. The park has a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Topmost tourist attraction in china – Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

The Great wall of China is one of new seven wonder’s of the world. The Great Wall of China was build about 2000 years ago, by Qin Shi Huangdi who was the first emperor of China. It is the fortifications made up of stone, brick, wood and other materials. It is a wonderful fact that it still exits without damage proving the mental and physical strength of our ancestors in the early era. Some of the portions such as top is not recovered but all other portions are strong and gives a fantastic look. It length is about 20,000 km. It was build as a defense against north. The emperor joined the four walls to form one.
The chinese culture is reflected behind the wall, there lies the story of the Meng Jiangnu whose curse because of the her death of her husband during the construction of the wall damaged a section of the wall later. It is a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site from 1987.

Check for the video below to have a view over the Great Walls ;


Top tourist attraction in Mexico – Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, Mexico

Copper Canyon is a series of 20 canyons formed by 6 rivers in the southwestern part of the Chihuahua in northwestern mexico. It has deeper canyons than Grand Canyon, Arizona. It has hot springs, valleys, waterfalls and so on. The lofty Copper Canyon National Park, established by Mexico in Chihuahua to showcase the remote area.

Main attractions :

  • Copper Canyon nature and train
  • Religious Sites
  • Historical and archeological
  • Museums and art
  • Cusarare Falls
  • Pena Del Gigante Rock
  • Recowata Hot Springs
  • Valley of the Frogs
  • Valley of Mushrooms

Best places to visit in Melbourne – Sea Life Aquarium

Sea Life Aquarium, one of the best aquarium in Melbourne.

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, is a beautiful aquarium located in the Yarra river side of Melbourne, Australia.In 2012, Merlin Entertainments purchased the aquarium and developed into a world famous Sea Life Aquarium in 2013. It houses around 10,000 animals which include one of the world’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles. It takes you to 12 different zones which will give you a wonderful experience with the fishy animals. You can have fun with the tortoises and can go through the most dangerous whale sharks. There are a lots of fun inside the aquarium. Kids can enjoy more and this can be a house of knowledge for excelling in their academics as they will come to know more about the aquatic life in detail after direct visual observation in the aquarium.

Themes of the Aquarium

The Aquarium has spread into various levels as shown below :

Level One

  • Rainforest Adventure
  • Crocodile’s Lair
  • Upper Deck Cafe

Ground Floor

  • Penguin Playground
  • Mangroves and Rockpools
  • Coral Atoll
  • Bay of Rays
  • Seahorse Pier
  • Coral Cafe
  • Conservation Cove
  • Crocodile’s Lair
  • Aquarium Shop

Level B1

  • Coral Caves

Level B2

  • Mermaid Garden
  • Shipwreck Explorer
  • Ocean Discovery