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Home Security Systems : What is the Best Home Alarm System

Your home is one of the top places that make you feel tranquil, secure, and serene. But, is it really as safe as you assume it to be? QubeCamera, a revolutionary security device poised to redefine the concept of security systems in the domestic sphere. With an enormous increase in thefts and rising security issues facing the jewellery industry, the need to upgrade security systems is crucial. Zicom is a pioneer in the field of Electronic Security in India. With a history of offering high quality products and solutions to the most complex projects in the country, the name Zicom has now become synonymous with electronic security in India.

Video Door Phone

Premium high clarity colour video door phone that enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home. This security device offers amazingly effective security and convenience, since it comes with a remote door release button (Non standard accessory). This means that you can open your front door through the indoor unit installed anywhere in the house!

All Features :

Digital Communication
High Clarity Audio and Video Communication with encrypted data transfer.

Safe & Robust
Child Safe, operates on safe 18 V DC.

Remote Door unlock from monitor (Non standard accessory).

Specifications Monitor Unit
Resolution 480(H) X 234(V)
Input Voltage 230 V AC
Operating Voltage 12 V AC to 18 V DC

Home Automation Systems

Lets you manage the inter operation of devices and subsystems in your home to increase Safety, Comfort and Convenience.

All Features

Safe Living
Intrusion Alarm system: Protection through various kinds of detectors, including motion detector, gas/fire sensor, magnetic contact, etc.
Comfortable Living
Integrated control at fingertips: Lighting, Curtain Control, Temperature Control, Infrared Red (IR) based Home Appliance and AC Control.

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