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How to install WordPress on personal computer

As this is really very simple thing for programmers and developers but those who don’t know about programming, then it will be little bit techy for them.

So here are very simple tips that will guide you to install WordPress on your local computer.

Please follow the steps

1. Firstly you need to download and install free to use Open source server that is WampServer (This server have Apache, PHP, MySQL in it and it runs on Window)

2. Once you install the WampServer on your computer you can see a server icon in the taskbar at right side(Don’t proceed further until you find the server is running very well).

How to know if the WampServer is installed correctly on your computer.

3. Now download and install the latest version of WordPress from here.

If you have any difficulty in installing WordPress on local computer then you can read our post about How to install WordPress on local computer or you can Hire me to install the wordpress on your online server.

This is it, now you can enjoy installing word

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