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How to upload files to online server using FTP softwares

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When any dynamic website runs on server it uses database and some programming language files.

Suppose if you are using WordPress then the files are php files and if you have setup the development environment on your personal computer then after making changes in those PHP files you may want to upload those files to online server.

You may be interested in installing wordpress on local computer/home pc.

What you need to upload files and how you will do this

1. First you need a uploading software so that you can upload the files to online server.

Download the FTP softwares like FileZilla and CuteFtp.

Then you can easily connect to the online server by using connection settings.

2. You need to enter the Host name, port number (mostly 21), username and password.

3. You can see a folder named as public_html folder, this is the main root folder, you need to make changes in this folder only.

4. Now you need to go to the folder in which you have made changes on your local server and then you can easily upload files.

Have fun coding and enjoy the uploading tips.

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