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Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released and Download for Fast Internet usage

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released and Download for Fast Internet usage, Download for Fast Internet Explorer 9 with all new features in it

internet explorer 9

Microsoft has released the beta for the newest version 9.0 of their ever-so-popular Internet Explorer browser. The beta has all the features that will be seen come release, but does not however have the updated version 9 UI. Microsoft development team said that this new internet explorer 9 will be the fastest browse ever and people who use social networking on this browser will have more fun using it. This new IE 9 will support CSS 3 also and will be more secure to handle online transactions and internet banking applications as well.

Version 9 has some important new things about it. For starters, there is support for HTML 5 and CSS 3, and a new JavaScript engine. IE9 also has an “Acid Test” feature that will let you test the compatibility and compliance of a website with IE9.

Additionally, this new browser is programmed to use your GPU much better: IE9 uses your computer’s GPU to enhance hardware scalable vector graphics (SVG), JavaScript performance, and HTML5 performance.

You can download the beta here.

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