How to change the User ID of your ICICI Bank Account

As most of you must have ICICI bank account and once we get internet banking id and password from ICICI bank then they provide us Internet login id in numeric format.

Sometimes it is hard to remember that numeric id as you need to use that unique login id for each time you login to your Internet Banking Account.

So i suggest you to create Create your Own Unique User ID, so that you can remind it and make the internet banking easy to use.

The following facility of creation of your own user ID helps you to modify your system-generated user ID so that you can customize it to a form that you find easier to remember.

Here are the step by step tips that will guide you to change the User/Login id(The user ID is your permanent identification to the Internet Banking service) of your ICICI bank internet banking account.

    • Click the ‘Personal’ button at the top left corner of the web page and then log in with the user ID and password given to you.
    • Click the “Change User ID” link at the top-most menu and proceed.
  • Now once you are inside the secure panel of your internet banking then Setting your own user ID is very simple and convenient.
    • Please note that this facility is available to you only once, i.e. once you have changed your user ID through this step, you cannot change it again. Try and create a user ID that no one can guess easily.
    • Your user ID should be unique to you and yet not obvious to others. Avoid using your name, nickname, date of birth and other such commonly known or easily findable information.
  • Along with the creation of your user ID, you should change the passwords that have been provided to you. Please choose a password that is at least 8 characters and up to 32 characters long. Passwords should contain both letters and numerals.
  • A word of caution: After you have changed your user ID, the system will instantly ask you to change your log-in password and transaction password also.
    • So, if you do not remember your transaction password, please do not initiate this step.
    • You can always obtain a transaction password from ICICI bank 24-hour Customer Care (011-41718000) and then proceed with the previous step.

I hope the provided information is sufficient for changing the internet banking login id of ICICI bank account. If you find any problem with the steps i wrote above, then you can always drop me a mail using contact us form of our site.

Happy and Safe Internet Banking to all.

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How to Reset admin password in Magento store

If you have forgotten admin login password of your Magento Store and you are not able to find any better way to login, then i have a very simple Query that needs to be run in PHPMYADMIN and you can reset admin Password of your Magento Store.

How to Reset forgotten login password of admin in magento store.

You need to go into PHPMyAdmin and connect to your Magento database on your server.

UPDATE admin_user SET password=MD5(‘yournewpasswordhere’) WHERE username=’admin’;

This is it and now you can easily login to your Magento Store.


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