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Idea New GPRS Pack | How to Check GPRS Balance

India’s leading GSM mobile Service operator Idea Cellular has launched new GPRS Pack of Rs.98 Gprs Pack with 2gb data usage for 30 days. As this plan was introduced in December 2011 and this might be possible that you are using some other plan of Idea Cellular. Well that’s not an issue we are not concentrating about the latest plan from idea in this post.

If you want to check the GPRS balance then use the following steps and let me know if these are helpful or not.
There is a new online service introduced by idea where you can check the usage of your prepaid or postpaid idea sim connection. Reach to this URL to know more

I hope the above linked helped you to get the approx amount for the GPRS usage. If you are more curious and want to know about other ways to get the exact amount of GPRS used then read below.

You can find the latest plans from idea at this url

To find the latest 3G plans from idea go to this url

I am not sure the below steps will work or not but off course you can try the following as no amount will be charged by using the below steps.

1. Dial *776# or *777# as it works for me. There is no charge for this service. Its free and you will receive a flash message on your screen.
2. To Check Account Balance Dial *130#
3. If you want to get Internet settings then TYPE SET AND SEND IT TO 54671.
4. To know more about Idea call Idea Customer Care cell number 12345 from your idea mobile only.
5. Check SMS Balance: Try any one of these numbers – *212# OR *112# OR *167*1# OR *123# OR *111#

Other Plans from Idea are listed below.

  • Rs10 for 30 minutes
  • Rs24 – 100mb usage 3 Days

You can find the all 3G plans from Idea listed below

Pay as you go

First Recharge (FRC)

MRP (In Rs.) Benefits Validity (In days) Overage
950 Unlimited internet, upto 4GB @ 21.1 Mbps, speed will reduce to 128 Kbps till 6GB and 20 kbps after 6GB 30 Days NA
Trial Packs (Sachet Based)

MRP (In Rs.) Bundled Usage Validity (In days) Charges after Free Usage
7 30 Mins 1 Rs 3/min
26 100 MB 3 3ps/10kB
44 120 Mins 3 Rs 3/Min
Usage Based

MRP (In Rs.) Bundled Usage Validity (In days) Charges after Free Usage
102 300 MB 30 3ps/10kB
198 600 MB 30 3ps/10kB
249 1 GB 30 2ps/10kB
347 1.5 GB 30 2ps/10kB
450 2 GB 30 2ps/10kB
598 2 GB 60 2ps/10kB
749 4GB 30 2ps/10kB
850 3 GB 60 2ps/10kB
955 Unlimited internet, upto 4GB @ 21.1 Mbps, speed will reduce to 128 Kbps till 6GB and 20 kbps after 6GB 30 NA
1250 4 GB 90 2ps/10kB
1499 10 GB 30 2ps/10kB
Rate Cutter

MRP (In Rs.) Rate Validity (In days)
53 1p/10 KB 30
Validity includes date of recharge.

I hope the above link helped you out to find the GPRS usage of your prepaid idea mobile no but still if you are looking for something else then do write us and we will revert back soon.


Play Game to Feed These Little Hungry Goldfishes

If you are have been busy in office and other tasks in your life and need a rest or getting bored in office then you can try feeding these fishes. Its a wonderful simple flash game created by aBowman.

How to play this game or feed fishes

Fishes will move to your mouse cursor and when you click then fish food will be dropped in fish aquarium. Fishes will eat the food and then again starts following your mouse pointer. Play the game, feed fish food to these hungry little fishes and have fun. Let me know if you liked this game. I will post more games for you.

Watch them as they follow your mouse hoping you will feed them by clicking the surface of the water.

Windows 8 Windows Operating System

How to Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 8

I think you might have noticed that the windows 8 operating system has no Hibernate option.

You can click Sleep, Shut down, or Restart, but if you want to hibernate your machine, you can’t do that. It’s fairly simple to restore that valuable option. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1 – Press Windows+w (that’ windows key and letter W)
It will show the search menu then type power in search menu.

Step 2– Then click “change what the power buttons do” (that is second option there).

Step 3– Then click change settings that are currently unavailable. Then system settings will open. Then scroll down the page and you will see hibernate option checkbox there. Click on hibernate checkbox and then click on save changes. That it. Simple.

Now you can see the hibernate option is enabled. Have fun.

As this is my first post on this blog. My husband encouraged me to write this post. I hope you liked it. I will try to write more posts in future. If you liked this post and they way i write it then you can subscribe to receive email alerts whenever i write something interesting.

Browsers Google Google Chrome Internet Tips Mozilla-Firefox

How to Restore Default Search Engine In Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

If you have done something wrong in your browser and by doing that you have lost your default Search Engine and now you don’t know how to restore it. Well in that case this post is for you my dear friend. I’m writing this post to help you restore your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

How to restore Google Chrome default search engine:

Step1. Click on the “wrench icon” located at the upper right corner of your browser.
Step2. Now go to “Options” (Preferences on Mac and Linux; Settingson a Chromebook).

Step3. Open the “Basic” tab.

Step4. Click on the “Manage search engines” button.

  • Now remove the search engine you don’t use by just selecting it from the list and clicking the “x” that appears at the end of the row.
  • Now add a search engine:Scroll to the bottom of the dialog and fill out the following fields:
    • Add a new search engine: Enter a nickname for the search engine.
    • Keyword: Enter the text shortcut you want to use for the search engine. Use the keyword to do keyword searches.
    • URL: Enter the web address for the search engine. Learn how to find this URL
  • Edit a search engine: Select the search engine from the list and click the field you want to modify.
  • Make a search engine default: Select the search engine you want to use as your default search engine and click the Make default button that appears in the row.

This is all you will require to follow to restore the default search engine in your favorite browser. If you find some problems in the simple steps i have written then drop me a comment and i will surely help you!

How to Restore Default Search Engine In Firefox

The default search engine in Mozilla Firefox browser Google search. But if you have made some mistake by installing some Ad on or doing something else then this guide will help you to restore the default search engine in Firefox.

Step1. Open Firefox browser
Step2. Type about:config in location bar and press enter.
Step3. Search for configuration key keyword.URL and select it.
Step4. Right click on the configuration key keyword. URL and choose Reset from the shortcut menu.

You are done with the changes, Have fun now. Share feedback with me.

Inspirational Sayings Life Success

Top 15 Tips to Deal With Stress

I’ve had a rough few weeks at work. Workload has been so heavy to the point that it is a bit hard to bear. So today I’d like to encourage you to take a look at how YOU deal with stress.
These activities have been shown to release feel good chemicals in your brain such as serotonin and oxytocin, and actively lower your stress levels.

The American Psychological Association suggests that the most effective activities for relieving stress are:
1. Exercising and playing sport
2. Praying or attending a religious service
3. Reading
4. Listening to music
5. Spending time with friends or family
6. Having a massage
7. Going for a walk in the outdoors
8. Meditating or doing yoga
9. Pursuing a creative hobby
10. Acknowledge what you are feeling.

11. Exhale a prayer to God.
12. Go to a movie or read a book or magazine.
13. Ask for a hug.
14. Steal a kiss.
15. Drink a glass of wine.


How to register Complaint in Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, Government of Rajasthan

Dear Reader
The purpose of this post is to guide you about the process of registering complains in Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited. I am not a employee of Rajasthan Government so please don’t make any comments like others posted.

Power Interruption SMS Guide

PI : Power Interruption Compliant
SD: 4 Digit Sub-Division code
AC: 8 Digit Account Number
(combine 4 digit Binder Number and 4 digit Account Number.
For Example; Binder Number 2105 and Account Number 0256,
type 21050256 in place of Account Number in the SMS )
These details can be found on your electricity bill

Consumer can also send SMS by sending their Name and Address , in case SD Code and Account Number is not available.


Look for the marked areas in your Electricity bill to find Sub-Division code and Account Number