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How to Contact Blogger Blogspot Team for Deleted, Banned Blogs and Bugs

If you want to contact blogger/blogspot team for any of the reasons written below.
Your blog is locked
Your blog is deleted
Report a bug to blogger or suggest some new feature to blogger.
Please check the bellow links to do the same.

These following links will tell you about
How to Suggest new things that needs to be implemented in Blogger, How to participate in Blogger Discussions and Supports, How to find any help required from Blogger Team. How to report any problem to Blogger Team

Contact Blogger support for account and TOS (Terms of Service) issues via Blogger Support Contact Form

You can post request on Google Blogger Help group. Here many independent blogger as well as blogger team are ready to solve your problem.

There is one more private group of blogger where bloggers like me are providing support for issues related to blogger Blogger General Discussions.

If you want to have some new feature request then go to Blogger Wishlist

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How to change the Email Address or Admin of Blogspot/Blogger Account

If you are running a blogspot blog and want to transfer your blog to some other email address then its really very easy. You have to follow the simple steps i mention here.

Step 1. Login to your blog with your current email address.
Step 2. Then click on Settings in the dashboard.
Step 3. Click on the permissions menu item.
Step 4. Add your other email account as an author.
Step 5. Then you will receive a email asking the blogger account access. Click on the link and once you click the link.
Step 6. Then give the admin access to that new account.
Step 7. Then logout and log in as the other email address.
Step 8. Go back to the permissions page and delete the original user.

Have fun, I hope it was really easy, If you are still facing problems in chaning the email account then you can Contact me, I will surely reply very soon.s