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Mark Zuckerberg is Now World’s Richest

Zuckerberg is Now World’s Richest and Top 5 Richest People in the World

“Mark Zuckerberg is already a rich man. The most recent tally of the world’s wealthiest people by Forbes magazine put the Facebook founder’s net worth at $13.5 billion in 2011, ranking him 52nd in the world. Now Mr. Zuckerberg is set to become considerably richer. His 28.4 percent stake in Facebook could see his fortune rise to as much as $28.4 billion, assuming that Facebook’s recently announced share offering is valued at $199 billion. That would place him ninth in the last year’s rankings. But what may be cost remarkable is Zuckerberg’s youth. At 27, he is the youngest of the plutocrats by a considerable margin. In the top 100, only Larry page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google, are also under 40. Indeed, adjusted for years of age, Mr. Zuckerberg will be the richest man in the world,” as stated by ‘The Economist Online’.

The top 5 people who made their name in this list are as follows:

1. Mark Zuckerberg: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American Computer Programmer and Internet Entrepreneur who has co-created the social networking site, Facebook. He co-founded Facebook in 2004 along with his Harvard classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes. He is also the Chief Executive of the same. After the success of Facebook, he dropped out from Harvard University.
He is tagged as the ‘Person of the Year’ by Time’s Magazine in 2010. Forbes has listed him as the ninth powerful people in the world, and ranked him as 52nd Forbes Billionaires. His personal wealth is $17.5 billion as estimated in 2011. With this wealth in the age of 27, he is the world’s youngest billionaires.

2. Carlos Slim: Slim is a Mexican businessman and philanthropist, who is the Chairman and CEO of Telmex and American Movil. He studied Engineering from National Autonomous University of Mexico, where he was simultaneously teaching Algebra and Linear Programming. He learnt the basic business strategies from his father. At the age of 12 he bought shares in a Mexican bank. He started his business through real estate, construction and mining business. He has been the Vice President of the Mexican Stock Exchange and President of the Mexican Association of Brokerage Houses.

3. Bill Gates: William Henry Bill Gates is an American Business tycoon. He is the former CEO of Microsoft and presently is the Non Executive Chairman of the same company. He founded the Microsoft Software Company with Paul Allen. He has a consistent ranking among the world’s wealthiest people. He was the wealthiest in the world overall from 1995 to 2009. Gates is the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution though he has been criticized for his business procedures, which have been considered as anti-competitive.

4. Bernard Arnault: Bernard Arnault is a French Businessman, who is the world’s 4th and Europe’s richest person with a net wealth of $41 billion. Forbes has also tagged him as ‘the Fashion Person of 2011’. He did his high school from the Maxence Van Der Meersch High School in Roubaix and graduated in Engineering from Ecole Polutechnique. He joined his father’s company after graduating. He modified his father’s business by convincing him to liquidate the construction division of the company by 40 million French Francs. He changed the company’s focus to real estate. BERBARD Arnault was awarded by the French Legion of Honour.

5. Warren Buffett: The American business tycoon, investor and philanthropist, Warren Edward Buffet is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. He is often named as “legendry investor, Warren Buffet”. He is primarily a shareholder but also a Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He made his name in the list of World’s wealthiest people consistently. In 2011, he was named as the third wealthiest person in the world.

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A Nano Car worth Rs.22 crore in India – Made by Gold

Mumbai, Sep 19 (IANS) The Tata Group Monday unveiled a Nano car – made with gold and silver, and studded with precious stones – worth an astronomical over Rs.22 crore.

Watch and jewellery maker Titan, which owns the Goldplus chain of jewellery, has decided to gold plate one Nano, the wonder car from Tata, as part of its campaign to celebrate 5,000 years of Indian jewellery.

But, it’s not for sale – the valuable and fully functional car is a unique branding and promotional initiative by Goldplus Jewellery, part of Titan Industries, a Tata Group company, an official said.

The mega-value Goldplus Nano Car was unveiled Monday evening by Tata Group chairman Ratan Tata.

The Goldplus Nano Car pales the average Rs.1.40 lakh Nano, which started with a Rs.1 lakh price tag at its launch.

The Goldplus Nano Car is billed as the world’s first ever gold jewellery car and celebrates the 5,000 years of jewellery making industry in India.

The car’s body is made with 80 kg 22 carat solid gold, 15 kg silver, precious stones – including diamonds, rubies – and other expensive gemstones, the official said.

“As many as 14 techniques of jewellery making have gone behind the effort — from the intricate filigree work to the delicate and colourful meenakari work, the stunning kundan to the traditional naqashi…marking the convergence of diverse and culturally distinct jewellery making techniques from around India,” the official told IANS.
Titan threw a challenge to its designers to gold clad Nano, with traditional jewellery designs as the core concept. Unveiling the three shortlisted designs, Titan said it would ask the public to vote for the best design.
Titan Industries managing director Bhaskar Bhat said that since eternity, jewellery made with gold and precious stones has been an integral part of the Indian woman’s life.
“We will gold clad one Nano car with the most popular design and show it around the country. Some may even get a chance to ride the modern gold chariot,” Venkataraman said.
He said the company will be adding five more Goldplus outlets this year to take the total number to 34 outlets across six states. The average investment per Goldplus store is around Rs.7 crore ($1.5 million) and each store is earning around Rs.20 crore per annum.

After its glittering launch in Mumbai Monday evening, the Goldplus Nano Car will travel to all the Goldplus showrooms at 29 locations around the country.

The car incorporates beautiful designs, made with the precious stones of different colours, set on the gold and silver body of the car.
Titan’s two jewellery divisions (Tanishq and Goldplus) this year are expected to close with a turnover in excess of Rs.4,500 crore ($1 billion) as against Rs.3,500 crore ($789 million) earned last fiscal.
“Goldplus revenue will be more than Rs.500 crore and that of Tanishq will be more than Rs.4,000 crore,” Venkataraman said.

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