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Top 10 Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Website/Blog

WordPress is gaining in popularity now a days and 72,753,709 websites are running on WordPress. You can check the stats at

Top 10 Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Website

One of the other benefits of using WordPress for your website of course, is that you have a website and a blog all in one. And a blog is a great way to build traffic to your website. Regularly publishing quality articles and content to your website/blog gives Google more content to crawl, and provides value to your web site visitors as well. When using WordPress for your website, you can set up a static front page that doesn’t look like a blog at all, and then have a link to an “articles” area on your site, where you can publish content rich articles.
You all must heard about the Open Source Platform WordPress. WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the most popular blogging software on the market. Over the last few years, WordPress has also become the content management software of choice for non-blogging websites. Here are the top 10 reasons why WordPress is so popular and why you might want to consider switching to a WordPress platform for your company’s website.

1. Easy to Use and User Friendly – If you can use Microsoft Word and Facebook then WordPress will be very easy for you. Tasks such as adding new pages/posts, images and video are now easy for everyone.

2. Update Your Website From Anywhere – WordPress runs in your web browser. So from any computer with Internet access (at home, at the office, on a business trip, etc) you can log in and update your website. Even from your smartphone.

3. Take Control of Your Site and Do Everything Yourself – After your website is built and live, you can update it yourself by adding content from backend. This way you will get a dynamic content website at a cost of static website. No more waiting for a web designer or programmer to upload the static pages and content on your website. With WordPress you enter the Do-It-Yourself world.

4. Free Search Engines Optimization – The coding and structure of WordPress is great for search engines. WordPress URL are more SEO friendly. That means your site is more likely to land on the first page of Google results, which means people are more likely to find you. Now you don’t need to hire a company for SEO of your website to get strong rankings.

5. Multiple Users from Many Places – WordPress is online and offers multiple users, which means you’re not the only one who can fix something in a pinch and you can access it from anywhere. If your company/business has several people who need to update your website (such as different blog authors) you can easily create individual accounts for each user. And each user can be assigned different access levels. So you can limit access to advanced features that you want to reserve only for your IT staff, etc.

6. Cheap or Almost Free – This is one of the most common but important feature of using WordPress for developing your website. Using WordPress for your website means it’s cost effective. WordPress itself is free, a theme is easily under $100 or even free and you save loads of money (compare the cost of template vs custom design).

7. Massive choice of themes – WordPress comes with two default themes (themes control the look and feel of your site) already installed which are quite basic. Despite of these themes you can search, upload & install themes from your WordPress dashboard. This way you can change your website design in less than 5 minutes. There are thousands of free themes available. You can also go further and install premium themes which typically sell for anywhere between $50 and $150.

8. Extensibility with thousands of plug ins – There are nearly 8,000 plugins available that you can install to enhance the usability and functionality of WordPress. Again these are easily searched, installed & activated via your dashboard. Some popular plug in additions, improve seo, enhance blog comment functions, page orders, twitter tools, XML sitemap creators, pinging, rotating tag clouds… the list is endless.

9. Automatic updating to keep you safe from Hacking – WordPress announces latest updated and release. These updates can be seen at your dashboard. You will need to upgrade them from time to time and this all can be done by more or less one click of your mouse. It is important to back up regularly and often. Keeping WordPress up to date with the latest release is the best way to keep it secure. There are enhancements you can install via plug ins for added peace of mind such as

10. Best Blogging Platform – If you are vivid blogger and you want to write articles on your websites then this is the best online blogging software/application for you. Its SEO friendly nature makes your website searchable on all major search engines so that you can get more advantages without any expense on SEO. However with the installation of one plug in “All In One SEO Plug In” the site will be fully optimized, taking away the mystery of SEO which is so often made to look so much more complicated than it actually is.

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How to Use Seo Pressor A Best WordPress Plugin

We are using website as a keyword.
Note : whatever keyword you use will be case insensitive. OK.

A post content must contains H1, H2 and H3 Tags in it.

Now this line on this website has H1 tag in it

Now this line has H2 tag in it and our keyword website is also in this line

Now this line has H3 tag in it and here is keyword Website

Another way of writing an effective post.

Seo Pressor Plugin will automatically Bold, italize and underline the keyword we choose. But it will work for only 3 occurrence of that keyword. That word will be shown normal when used fourth time in the same post. It will also add that keyword into the title of the Post.

This website is great. Now i want to see what is this website created for. Can someone tell me why this website is so much important for me.

If you are using the images in the post then it will also add that keyword as alt tag for all images in that post. But this option is not useful for my websites.

A post must have link to other post or pages of your website.
As each post have a keyword so whatever keyword you choose by seo pressor must be used more and more in that post.

I think all above instruction to write an effective post are sufficient.

Some Tips:
Google likes longer than shorter content.
Your keyword density is also an important factor that can influence how you rank.
Your title and heading tags (H1, H2 and H3) are the most important factors that can influence your search engine ranking.

Now the last line of post must also contain the keyword website.

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How to install Wamp on your Computer and Run Online Websites at Local System

My life is so much hectic in Office and daily routine work. And thus i am not able to get time for writing good tips on my blog. But today i got a few minutes time to post a cool tips for my bloggers friends and newbies. Here is a trick and tips for new wordpress bloggers. Some of you may feel that if you can run your website on local computer and setup development environment on local machine then that would be such a great way to make modification in your website.
Here are the brief instructions about How to install Wamp and Run the online website at your personal Computer.

Step 1. Download the Wamp server from Official Website

Please choose the version depending on your operating system

If you are using Windows 32 bit operating system(Windows XP) then
download version Wamp version 32 bits

And if you are using Windows 64 bit operating system(Windows 7, Vista)
then download version Wamp version 64 bits

php” target=”_blank” title=”Click here to download the latest version of Wamp Server”>

Step 2. Locate the downloaded set up file and double-click on it. You will face an alert window warning saying that you do not upgrade from WAMP5 1.x. Click on Yes to continue.

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Alert Screen Image - How to Install Wamp Server

Step 3 .The Welcome setup window will load. Click on Next to proceed.

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Welcome Screen Image

Step 4 . On the License Agreement screen select the radio button for I accept the agreement then click on Next

Installing WAMP 2.0 - License Screen Image

Step 5 . The Select Destination Location screen will load. Change the default location if you desire then click on Next

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Destination Screen Image

Step 6 . Now the Select Additional Tasks screen is loaded. Select the checkboxes for any icons you want installing then click on Next

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Additional Tasks Screen Image

Step 7 . You will be faced with the Ready to Install screen. Review the settings and use the Back button to go back and change any of the settings. If the settings are correct, click on Install to install WAMP 2.0

WAMP 2.0 Installing - Review Settings Screen Image

Step 8 . If you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC, you may be faced with the following window that prompts whether you want FireFox to be your default browser, so select the appropriate choice.

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Firefox Screen Image

Step 9 . The PHP mail parameters screen will load. Review the default settings and change accordingly then click on Next. The default values can generally be used when installing WAMP 2.o to a local PC.

Installing WAMP 2.0 - PHP Mail Screen Image

Step 10 . The final screen to load is the installation completed screen. Click on Finish to close the window and start WAMP

Installing WAMP 2.0 - Completion Screen Image

Step 11 . WAMP 2.0 is started. The WampServer icon is loaded onto the system tray.

Installing WAMP   2.0 - System Tray Icon Image

This is the complete process of how to install Wamp server on your local computer. If you Want to know how to run the online website on your local computer then i will post the How to steps for Running an Online website on Local Computer.

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How To Add Orkut Share Button In WordPress Blogs

As most of you already aware about the thing that now a days Orkut allows a share button feature for websites and blogs. In this feature website owners can extend the functionality of sharing their content with visitor friends using Orkut. It is very easy to add the Orkut share button. Just follow the following simple steps and can add share this post on Orkut button.
Implenting Share Button In WordPress Blog

Step 1. Go to the theme folder of your wordpress blog. It will be like this /public_html/wp-content/themes/

Step 2. There will be a header.php file in your wordpress theme’s folder and you need to paste the following code above </head> tag

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
google.load(‘orkut.share’, ‘1’);
google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
var params = {};
params[google.orkut.share.Field.TITLE] = ‘<?php the_title() ?>’;
params[google.orkut.share.Field.DESTINATION_URL] = ‘<?php the_permalink() ?>’;
var connection = new google.orkut.share.Connection(params);
document.getElementById(‘orkut-share’).onclick =
function(e) { connection.send(‘’, {}); };
}, true);

Step 3. Now save the header.php file and go to Single.php file or wherever you want to put this button and paste the following code there.
<span id=”orkut-share” style=”cursor:pointer; border:0px solid black”>
<img src=”” alt=”Share Orkut” />

Save the file, upload it to your online server and you are done now.

Now whenever you open the post of your wordpress blog you will see the Share Button feature of Orkut.

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How to upload files to online server using FTP softwares

When any dynamic website runs on server it uses database and some programming language files.

Suppose if you are using WordPress then the files are php files and if you have setup the development environment on your personal computer then after making changes in those PHP files you may want to upload those files to online server.

You may be interested in installing wordpress on local computer/home pc.

What you need to upload files and how you will do this

1. First you need a uploading software so that you can upload the files to online server.

Download the FTP softwares like FileZilla and CuteFtp.

Then you can easily connect to the online server by using connection settings.

2. You need to enter the Host name, port number (mostly 21), username and password.

3. You can see a folder named as public_html folder, this is the main root folder, you need to make changes in this folder only.

4. Now you need to go to the folder in which you have made changes on your local server and then you can easily upload files.

Have fun coding and enjoy the uploading tips.

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How to find available domain names for your new website/blog

If you are looking for new domain names for your new website then you can contact me. I know how much difficult it is to find a domain name for yourself or your business. Even it takes me a day and lot of research to choose a better and appealing domain name for my tech website. Well you are reading this page means to provide a best solution for your needs is my work.

I have a very good experience and deep knowledge about how to choose better domain name that satisfy your needs.

In recent 3 days i booked over 10 domain  names for my friend and i can do it for your as well.

Don’t worry i will not charge anything for suggesting a domain name, the only thing you need to do is,  leave a comment about your needs and your purpose of creating a website and i will suggest you best available domain names.