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How To Add Orkut Share Button In WordPress Blogs

As most of you already aware about the thing that now a days Orkut allows a share button feature for websites and blogs. In this feature website owners can extend the functionality of sharing their content with visitor friends using Orkut. It is very easy to add the Orkut share button. Just follow the following simple steps and can add share this post on Orkut button.
Implenting Share Button In WordPress Blog

Step 1. Go to the theme folder of your wordpress blog. It will be like this /public_html/wp-content/themes/

Step 2. There will be a header.php file in your wordpress theme’s folder and you need to paste the following code above </head> tag

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
google.load(‘orkut.share’, ‘1’);
google.setOnLoadCallback(function() {
var params = {};
params[google.orkut.share.Field.TITLE] = ‘<?php the_title() ?>’;
params[google.orkut.share.Field.DESTINATION_URL] = ‘<?php the_permalink() ?>’;
var connection = new google.orkut.share.Connection(params);
document.getElementById(‘orkut-share’).onclick =
function(e) { connection.send(‘’, {}); };
}, true);

Step 3. Now save the header.php file and go to Single.php file or wherever you want to put this button and paste the following code there.
<span id=”orkut-share” style=”cursor:pointer; border:0px solid black”>
<img src=”” alt=”Share Orkut” />

Save the file, upload it to your online server and you are done now.

Now whenever you open the post of your wordpress blog you will see the Share Button feature of Orkut.

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Orkut introduced new feature to manage friends group

Today i logged into my orkut account and i saw a video about new features of it.
This video comes only once and those who missed the cool video of Orkut can view the same video here.

So whats included in the new feature of orkut.

The new feature is easy to use and you can customise your orkut groups in a manner that top 5 groups will show on your Orkut home page here.

Once you login to your Orkut account you can manage the 5 groups to show on your home page.  The first group name is Everyone and you can add more by clicking on plus image there.

Its good to view all people from a specific group, so enjoy the new feature of Orkut and have fun watching the pretty lady in this Orkut Video.