Islaam Ramadan Mubarak

Useful Duas to be read on Day wise in the month of Ramadan

These Dua’s were sent to me by my close friend RIZWAN. As days will pass, we will update the article so keep yourself update with us. God bless you.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 1

Ramadan Dua: According to Days

ALLAH,on this day make my fasts the fasts of those who fast (sincerely),&my standing up in prayer of those who stand up in prayer (obediently),awaken me in it from the sleep of the heedless,and forgive me my sins,O God of the worlds,and forgive me,O one who forgives the sinners.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 2

ALLAH, on this day, take me closer towards Your pleasure, keep me away from Your anger and punishment, grant me the opportunity to recite Your verses (of the Qur’an), by Your mercy, O the most Merciful.

Dua ki guzarish (remember me in Dua)

Ramadan Dua: DAY 3

ALLAH, on this day,grant me wisdom and awareness,keep me away from foolishness and pretension,grant me a share in every blessing You send down,by You generosity,O the most Generous.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 4

ALLAH, on this day, strengthen me in carrying out Your commands, let me taste the sweetness of Your remembrance, grant me, through Your graciousness, that I give thanks to You. Protect me, with Your protection and cover, O the most discerning of those who see.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 5

ALLAH, on this day, place me among those who seek forgiveness. Place me among Your righteous and obedient servants, and place me among Your close friends, by Your kindness, O the most Merciful.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 6

ALLAH,on this day,do not let me abase myself by incurring ur disobedience,&do not strike me with the whip of ur punishment, keep me away frm the causes of ur anger,by & ur power,O the ultimate wish of those who desire.

Ramadan Dua: DAY 7

ALLAH, on this day, help me with its fasts and prayers, and keep me away from mistakes and sins of the day, grant me that I remember You continuously through the day, by Your assistance, O the Guide of those who stray.

Saying dua in the words mentioned when breaking the fast was narrated in a da’eef (weak) hadeeth which was narrated by Abu Dawood (2358) from Mu’aadh ibn Zuhrah, who heard that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to say, when he broke his fast, “Allaahumma laka sumtu was ‘ala rizqika aftartu (O Allaah, for You I have fasted and by Your provision I have broken the fast).”

There is no need for this, because we have the report narrated by Abu Dawood (2357) from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) who said: When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) broke his fast, he would say: “Dhahaba al-zamau’a, wa abtallat al-‘urooq wa thabata al-ajr insha Allah (Thirst has gone, the veins are moist, and the reward is assured, if Allaah wills).” This hadeeth was classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood.

Islaam Ramadan Mubarak

A dua for All in Holy month of Ramadan Kareem



Here’s wishing you all the best wishes and Ramadan Karim.
It’s never too late to make duas for my dear brothers and sisters. J

On behalf of my entire family, I pray that in this Ramadan your relationship with our AlMighty Creator is enhanced by all of your good actions. May Allah(swt) protect you and your family from all of the fitnah that lurks within our own souls. I beseech Allah(swt) to accept all of your prayers, fasts and supplications. Ameen

Please make dua for the Muslimeen across the Globe and for our community in Edmonton. Pray that we’re not a fitnah for others especially our own family members.

May Allah(swt) guide us to understand and implement the teachings from His book and our beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) message. May we never deviate from the straight path.

Please forgive me for my many shortcomings that you might of come across.

Time to smile
Time to celebrate
Time to fast
Time to binge
Time for everything…


Vaseem Ansari