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When you should visit the doctor for Eye Problems

If you are having problem in your eyes and you are thinking to visit the doctor or not then this post will let you know that you should visit the doctor for following Eye Problems.
You should visit your doctor immediately if accompanied by red eyes you have with any of the following symptoms.

• The difficulty in vision.
• A sense of a foreign body in the eye is an affect on the ability to open it.
• Exposure to a blow on the head or any other injury, such as a collision object such as a finger or an eye ball.
• Increased sensitivity of the eye of light.
• Severe pain in the eye or severe headaches.
• Nausea(The state that precedes vomiting) and vomiting(act of ejecting the contents of the stomach through the mouth).

Eye Protection Safety Tips

1 – Avoid Smoking.
2 – Dealt with healthy foods.
3 – Controlled in blood pressure rates.
4 – Protect your eyes from the sun.
5 – I have maintained activity and vitality.

Eye protection safety from the Sun

What is caused by ultraviolet radiation from the adverse impact on the eye?
1 – White water.
2 – Skin cancer: The cancer that affects the eyelids, and facial skin in general.
3 – Burns from the sun mirror on the cornea as a result of excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation (b) to spend long hours on the beach or snow without a protection from these rays. And symptoms of painful and lasts from one to two days may result in the loss temporary blindness.
4 – UV exposure to the eye of some diseases in the long term life of rights, such as corneal sunburn, which is called inflammation of the cornea of the light, which lead to the loss of vision in the interim.