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Simple Questions to Ask a Girl on first Meeting

If you are going to meet her then i don’t think you will keep silent all the time. There must be some questions that you want to ask her. So here is a list of few useful things that you should remember while meeting for the first time or while talking her for the first time.
Here are some basic questions that you could ask the girl on your first meeting. The fear of being rejected by the girl or having to reject the girl drives all men crazy. You may even have practiced conversing with the girl you are about to meet over and over again in your imagination. Most men having gone through this process.

First of all whatever you ask, you should ask in a polite way and the way you ask questions does not show some purpose. It should be a formal meeting or call.

1. Hope this place is comfortable for you?

2. So what do you do?

3. What are your likes or dislikes?

4. What kind of books you read and what are your hobbies.

5. Do you like to cook?

6. How many people are there in your family and what they all do.

7. What do you think about a girl working or do you like me working after marriage.

8. Do you want to work in Government sector or me to try the same.

9. What are your interesting hobbies and do you like traveling.

10. Which kind of movies you like.

11. What are the must have qualities you are looking for in your spouse.

12. Do u like children and what are the things that makes you smile a lot.

13. Will you love me unconditionally through the good and the bad?

14. Do you trust me with your life.

15. What makes you so sure I’m the one you want to spend your life with?

16. What does marriage signify to you?

17. What are your future plans in this job or for future.

18. And of course you need to be sure your bride is actually ready to get married.

Apart from above simple questions you can ask about the following as well.

Children, Money Matters, Medical History, Love and warmth, Intimacy, Listen and Hear, Spirituality and Religion, Family Issues, Distance management, Husband’s Responsibility, Wife’s Responsibilities, Future plans, Holidaying, Baby Care, Love for Kids, Beliefs, Words of Love, Dishonesty, Honeymoon Ideas, Priorities, Movies and Fun, Exercise and many more…

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Golden Rules for Success in Career

Golden Rules for Career Success

1. Keep track of what you do; someone is sure to ask.

2. Never bring your boss a problem without some solution.

3. You are getting paid to think, not to whine.

4. Long hours don’t mean anything; results count, not effort.

5. Write down ideas; they get lost, like good pens.

6. Always arrive at work 30 minutes before your boss.

7. Help other people network for jobs. You never know when your turn will come.

8. Don’t take days off sick-unless you are.

9. Assume no one can/will keep a secret.

10. Know when you do your best-morning, night, under pressure, relaxed; schedule and prioritize your work accordingly.

11. Treat everyone who works in the organization with respect and dignity, whether it be the cleaner or the managing director. Don’t ever be patronizing.

12. Never appear stressed in front of a client, a customer or your boss.

13. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: In the course of human events, how important is this?

14. If you get the entrepreneurial urge, visit someone who has his own business. It may cure you.

15. Acknowledging someone else’s contribution will repay you doubly.

16. Career planning is an oxymoron. The most exciting opportunities tend to be unplanned.

17. Always choose to do what you’ll remember ten years from now.

18. The size of your office is not as important as the size of your pay cheque.

19. Understand what finished work looks like and deliver your work only when it nis finished.

20. The person who spends all of his or her time is not hard-working; he or she is boring.

21. Know how to write business letters-including thank-you notes as well as proposals.

22. Never confuse a memo with reality. Most memos from the top are political fantasy..

23. Eliminate guilt. Don’t fiddle expenses, taxes or benefits, and don’t cheat colleagues.

24. Reorganizations mean that someone will lose his or her job.

25. Get on the committee that will make the recommendations.

26. Job security does not exist.

27. Go to the company Christmas party..

28. Don’t get drunk at the company Christmas party.

29. Avoid working at weekends. Work longer during the week if you have to. Moreover, don’t stay late in night, it doesn’t creates impression rather shows lack in your productivity.

30. The most successful people in business are interesting.

31. Sometimes you’ll be on a winning streak and everything will click; take maximum advantage.

32. When the opposite is true, hold steady and wait it out.

33. Never in your life say, “It’s not my job.”

34. Be loyal to your career, your interests and yourself.

35. Understand the skills and abilities that set you apart. Use them whenever you have an opportunity.

36. People remember the end of the project. As they say in boxing, “Always finish stronger than you start.”

Islaam Judgment Day Success

The Prophet of Allah (Sallallaahu Alaihi Aalam) said?

The Prophet of Allah (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi salam) said:
“Whoever guides or directs to good, then he gets the same amount of blessing (reward) as the one who does it”.

I have a very Sensible story to share with you.
Once, a group of people were traveling on rocks at night. Someone said whosoever picks up the rocks will regret and whosoever doesn’t pick up the rocks will regret. Now, the people were confused.

How can this be? Whether you pick up the rocks or not, you will regret!
Anyway, some people picked up the rocks and some didn’t. In the morning when they reached their homes, they saw that the rocks turned into diamonds.

Now, those people who didn’t pick up the rocks started regretting saying “If only we had picked up some rocks.”
Those people who did pick some rocks also started regretting saying “Why didn’t we pick up more rocks?”

Both sides eventually ended up regretting.

The same incident will take place with us on the Day of Judgment. Those people who spent their time in useless things will start regretting by looking at those who achieved a great position in Paradise by spending their time in the way of Allah. Now, those who did achieve a position in Paradise will start regretting by looking at those who did more than them and are higher in status.

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The Top 50 Secrets of highly Successful People in the World

Everyone of looking for success and most of us are running behind the real success in life. I also want to do the things that brings happiness to me and people surrounded by me. Today i would like to share the Top 50 Tips to be a Successful in Life. Everyone among us want to be Successful like Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, billionaire, Bill Gates and more..

As you all know that there are only 5% successful people in the world. This means that only one person in Twenty is capable to achieves success in life. I am not saying all this, infact this is a result of a recent research. And you also know that highly successful people are not born that way.

They develop certain characteristics and traits which help them to achieve growth and success in life. We all know that the growth is slow and steady but these people are not afraid of failure or defeat. They just want to pursue their dreams and attain a position and status in the society. It is not difficult to follow the following principles or rules. By following these you will not only be a successful person but also a good human being.
And i am sure that all the most successful people in this world definitely follows most of the Rules written below.

Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates delivers the keynote address to the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference October 23, 2001 in Los Angeles. During has speech, Gates discussed various aspects of the new ‘XML’ technology and the Windows XP operating system, to be formally unveiled October 25 in New York. PHOTO CREDIT: LEE CELANO/Microsoft

Successful people

  • 1. Look for and find opportunities in places where others can not see.
  • 2. Discover what their real goals and dreams are.
  • 3. Are optimistic or positive thinkers.
  • 4. Have high integrity and speak only the truth.
  • 5. Make detailed action plans for achieving their goals.
  • 6. Never stop in the pursuit of knowledge.
  • 7. Practice patience and persistence in their lives.
  • 8. Stay focused on their priorities.
  • 9. Are creative and imaginative.
  • 10. Have clear communication skills.
  • 11. Seek solutions and do not mourn over problems.
  • 12. Create success for themselves.
  • 13. Do not complain and moan.
  • 14. Do not blame others; rather take responsibility for their actions.
  • 15. Are ambitious and efficient.
  • 16. Are clear about what they want in life.
  • 17. Keep themselves busy.
  • 18. Are life-long learners.
  • 19. Do not believe in chance or luck.
  • 20. Attempt to do the impossible.
  • 21. Are adaptable and ready to accept change.
  • 22. Are physically fit.
  • 23. Are not lazy and lethargic.
  • 24. Set high standards for themselves.
  • 25. Believe in the saying- work while you work, play while you play.
  • 26. Complete what they begin.
  • 27. Practice what they preach
  • 28. Are kind and generous to others.
  • 29. Live life to the fullest.
  • 30. Love to face challenges.
  • 31. Have value for time.
  • 32. Respect their seniors and elders.
  • 33. Care for others.
  • 34. Are reliable and trustworthy.
  • 35. Are humble and submissive in nature.
  • 36. Live within a budget.
  • 37. Get out of bed early.
  • 38. Meditate.
  • 39. Pray regularly.
  • 40. Make reading a habit.
  • 41. Do not procrastinate.
  • 42. Realize the importance of a mentor or coach.
  • 43. Develop an effective network.
  • 44. Can balance both home and work.
  • 45. Know when to take smart risks.
  • 46. Understand the politics of the organization.
  • 47. Give out positive energy to those around them.
  • 48. Laugh it out.
  • 49. Are well organized.
  • 50. Love and value themselves.