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How to Backup your WordPress Database using simple steps

Today i will show you how to take backup of your wordpress database and stay happy for future issues like db lost, hacking and more.
Please backup the existing database by logging into your PHPMYADMIN. It is very necessary to backup the database before you proceed with any changes. I also backup my website database once in a week. It is a good practice to always backup your database before making any major changes(like cleaning database for spam comments and meta data and more). If anything gone wrong then you can easily be able to restore the backupd database.

If you are not a tech guy and want to backup the database in very simple steps and withuot taking much headache then you can download WP-DB-Backup or WP-DBManager plugin to backup your database through your WordPress admin panel. Alternatively, you can backup your database through phpMyAdmin manually.

If you are still reading and decide to backup your WordPress database manually then you should follow these very simple steps:

  1. Login to your phpMyAdmin(Generally phpMyAdmin can be accessed using cpanel of your website like this
  2. Select your WordPress database(If you are more database installed on your web server).
  3. Click on Export at the top of the navigation.
  4. Select the tables you want to backup(i suggest you to backup all the tables), or select all tables to backup the whole database.
  5. Select SQL to export as .sql extension.
  6. Check the “Save as file” checkbox.
  7. Choose compression type, select gzipped to compress the database to a smaller size.
  8. Finally click Go, and a download window will prompt you to save your backup database file. Smile