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We respect all the visitors, commentators, readers and subscribers of our website. That is why we put the comments box after each post of our website. We enjoy interacting with people and solving their problems with the help of comments. Although comments are moderated before they published on our website.

Let us tell you one thing that “Our website is a do follow website.” So if you comment on our website that means we will follow your website. As most of the user comment, to find the solutions regarding blog post, to appreciate our work and also to get lots of backlinks. But some newbie don’t know about the things like what is website?, What is comments and blah blah. So we have put this comment policy for new blogger/visitor of our website.

So if you want that your comments to be approved then please read the following points carefully.
1. Please provide a real Name and genuine email ID and your email must be working as we do not post any useless or un authorized information on our website, you may be contacted in future to bear the responsibility of those comments.
2. If you own a website then write the website URL. Please don’t write or
3. Please write complete sentences in the comments. Do not type comments in all capital letters or in all lower case letters, or using abbreviated text. We may remove hyperlinks within comments if you your comment have too much links in it.
Wrong comment: u cannot say or r8 lik dis.
Correct comment: You can not say or write like this.
4. Comments that are abusive, personal, incendiary or irrelevant cannot be published.
5. Once your comments get approved, you will receive a mail about the comments approved notification. Please view the post link in the email to know the modifications that we may do in the comment.

Moderating Comments :
Every comment is not published directly, we first read those comments and moderate them. After moderation those comments will be published on website. So if you write some stupid sentence, spam links or shameless promotion of your website then your comments will be deleted forever and never published. So don’t waste your time here in writing the comments.
Don’t resubmit your comment if it is not appearing right away, it will soon be visible depending on server and traffic and your internet connection speed.

Language and Racism :
Avoid harsh language and racist comments. If you feel published article is not up to mark or your link is mentioned or is violating in any kinda way then please contact us at and we will do the necessary corrections.

Linking To Your Blog And Others :
We don’t mind using links in comment if it is relevant to the topic and comments. Irrelevant and/or excessive are not encouraged, so they are removed without prior notice and they may also be marked as spam. I request you not to use this as a opportunity to promote or advertise anything.

Signature In Comments :
This is completely optional and we allow signatures in comments. We will not delete the comments with signatures as long as the comments are relevant and added something to the conversation. But please do not write so many anchor links in comments.

Subscribing To Feed :
You can subscribe to our blog by adding our Rss Feed : to any RSS Readers like Google Reader, Bloglines and so on …

Subscribing Feed Via E-mail :
If you like the articles and posts of our website then you may subscribe to our website by Getting free email subscription of every new post/article published in our website! Please use a valid and your own email address in order to receive the notification of comments left after yours. If you wish to unsubscribe the notification of comments you can do it anytime by visiting the comment subscription manager.

If you have any doubt in the comment policy of our blog then please use the comment form below to provide us your valuable feedback.

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