Islam – A religion of Muslim


              Islam  means submission to God. Allah is lord. Prophet Muhammad s a w is  the last prophet. Muslims should love prophet Muhammad s a w the most than themselves. The father is Adam a s and the mother Hawwa a s. Both were the primitive creation of Allah. He created Humans, Jinns, animals, trees, plants and all the creatures. There are more creatures in sea than land.

Allah created Heaven and Hell. The ones who are eligible for Heaven ,will enter it others will be confined to the hell. It is the world’s second largest religion. about 34% of the world’s population included in this. The holy book of Islam is Quran and there are hadiths postulated from the sunnah of prophet. The Quran is theoretical and the hadith is the practical one. The Quran is the only holy book in this world that didn’t undergone any changes yet. There are no updated version of quran yet.

Mecca and Madina are the holy sites of islam where the hajis undergo pilgrimage. There is the holy Mosque known as Masjid-al-Haram. It is the largest mosque in the world. The mosque is also known as Grand Mosque. The kaaba is surrounded by the grand mosque. All the muslims in this world offer their prayers facing kaaba. The mosque was build by prophet Ibrahim a s and his son Ismail a s ordered by Allah subahana wa taala.

Arabic is one of the language of Muslims. There are a lots of prophets in islam will describe about them in my next blog. As a muslim i love to write this blog as i will get rewarded when you read it Insha Allah. The purpose of our life in islam is to follow islam and spread it. There are some deed which will reward you after your death also. This blog is a part of that. May allah bless us, keep on reading, will come with more posts Insha Allah. Allah hafiz.



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