An Overwiew of Udaipur City – A city of lakes and palaces

city palace

Udaipur – “A city of lakes” , in Rajasthan, India founded in 1559 by Udai Singh 11 of the Sisodia clan of Rajput has a story to deliver you. Let’s dive into the city of lakes. When the king of Mewar had visited a saint, he advised the king to build a palace and rule over the country in that. The king had raised a palace known as City Palace of Udaipur.

The beauty of the palace is unexplanatory with words. There is a suraj pol, a stone chamber, a foundain and a lots more to visit. when i got my first steps to the palace i enjoyed the scenic beauty of lake pichole which surrounded the palace. I was curious to know about the design and interior of the palace. It was more than my imagination. There were statues as a symbol of valor. I wonder how the king wore the battle uniform of 25 kgs.

For a moment I imagined as queen of Mewar when got to one of its top building soothed with cool breeze. I can see the whole city at a bird’s eye view. There was a stone chamber which filled with gold when the king had ascended the throne and he distribute some to the temple and other authorities. The chamber was made of a single marble stone which has been carved into luxury.


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