How to make your travel picked-up with your handy digital camera

Photography tips and tricks – How to check your camera before going for a journey

The amazing view of Kanchenjunga

Hi, All nomads love to keep their fellow traveler, the digital camera. Anyway we have planned for a long and naturalistic journey with full of sceneries which make you mad on photography. A proper check as a precaution to keep your journey with joyful movements, i recommend you to do some simple checking before you go. Here are few tips to follow :

Use Your lappy

Use your lappy for seeing the image quality after making a trial before you go. Just go and capture some photos and check it in your laptop/pc for observing the clarity.

Set your aperture

Settting in aperture mode helps to find the best focused photos. Aperture is the focus hole ranges from f 1..4 to f 22. Aperture helps to make your photos focused by blurring the unwanted background.

Usage of Adaptor

Your all joy will finish if the battery of your digital camera drops down. So keep an adapter, battery charger and fresh battery n addition.

Camera lens

Try to keep your camera lens dust free. You can do it with the help of a soft dry cloth. Cleaning Pens are also available which has two ends one removes the finger prints and grease whereas the other remove the dust particles.

Keeping a memory card

Memory card is the storehouse of all your lovely photos.What is the use if it full ???or will fill with a few photos?? never looks fair right? so empty it before keeping in your camera kit. You can keep spare memory cards for more colourful photography.

Tripod, the companion

Tripod can be your best companion in taking the non-blurry pictures. Tripod can be available in metallic colour and affordable price ranges. Tripod can be folded and kept in a small bad and can carry anywhere along with your handy cam.

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