Impressive Female Ballet Dancer Photographs Part 2

Ballet is a type of stage art, performance, the content of which is embodied in the musical and choreographic images. By history Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and after that it developed into a concert dance form in Russia and France. The main types of dance in the ballet is a classical dance and character dance.

Ballerina in the Park

12. Desert flower
Desert Flower

16. Ballet Dance
Women Ballet Dancer

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17. Viola
Viola Ballet Dancer

18. Paula
Paula Ballet Dancer

20. Eszter Ledan, Vienna State Ballet
Eszter Ledan, Vienna State Ballet

21. Ballet
Ballet Dancing Photos

23. Jump with grace
Jump with grace in Ballet Dancing

The important role played pantomime , with which the actors convey a sense of the characters, their “talk” to each other, the essence of what is happening. In today’s widely used by other ballet dance technique, as well as elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, etc. Today, we come up with 30 absolutely impressive ballet dance photographs. Take a joyful look and spread the happiness.

An Angel
Erika An Angel Dancing

Ballerina in the Park
ALYSSA MAKSYM – Dancer Choreographer

27. ALYSSA MAKSYM - Dancer - Choreographer
Ballet Dance

28. Ballet Dance
Ballet Dancer


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