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Inspiring scornful pity life of attappadi domicile

The cunning leaders are scheming and plotting, but attappadi tribal domain is well known for its vexation. Crores have been spend on the areas of agali, puthur and sholayur panchayat but attapadi still remains as a pitiful symbol. It is a tearjerker of a couple that they lamented on the death of their child and carried their dead child in a carry bag to Coimbatore for his cremation after disgusted with the delay in response from the authority to which they pleaded to avail any aid.

Child fatality is prevalent among the tribes owing to malnutrition and lack of adequate medical avail in the domain. A recent report shows that approximately 108 women are suffering from malnutrition in gestation period and there is an increased probability for death during delivery and the child born for them will be a malnourished child which will result in infant mortality.

There must be a system to monitor the utilization of money allotted for attappadi domiciles and government must ensure that the money is used for exploitation and fortification of attappadi tribal domiciles.

Magento PHP

Magento : How to Redirect Non Logged in Users to Login Page

There are some many ways to redirect users/visitors in magento. But the most easy way i found is written below.
To redirect the users/visitors to login page you can add below line of code in head.phtml of your current theme.

<?php		// Added by Vaseem to redirect non logged in user to login page
$currentUrl = $this->helper('core/url')->getCurrentUrl();
echo 'currentUrl->'.$currentUrl.'<br>';
$loginStatus	=	'';
if ( strpos( $currentUrl, "customer" ) !== false ) {
	$loginStatus	=	1;
if(!$this->helper('customer')->isLoggedIn() && $loginStatus!=1){
	echo 'redirect to login page now';