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If you are looking for new website for your business or company then you are at a correct URL. We are offering below features for your new website.

Create a new website for your business

1.    CMS Based Dynamic Website
We use a WordPress platform to create a cms based website. The cms based website content can be updated from backend. So you don’t need a tech person to update the content of your website. If you know how to use Facebook then you can easily manage your website from backend. Backend is a login panel that will be used by you to login to your website and then you will be able to change everything that is showing at frontend of your website. You will have a functionality to create unlimited new pages from backend with fresh content about discount/offers, events/achievement and more things related to your business. The more pages your website has the more traffic you will get on your website. With the dynamic website a layman can update the website data from his mobile or desktop. Once the content of website updated then search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo explore your website and they will find a fresh data and thus your website will get a probability to appear top in search results.

2.    SEO Optimized Content
If you open this link –
Then you will get to know that Google have more than 1000 results for my website. Once we create a website for your business and you will add data from admin/backend then Search Engines like Google, Bing and other will grab the data from your website and increase the incoming link for your website. This way you will get more traffic and thus lot of business.

3.    Website Submission on Search Engines
We will submit your newly created website to major search engines and get it verified. Once the site is verified then you will get direct traffic from search engines.

4.    Newsletter/Subscribe
We will provide a newsletter functionality. Users can see a form that will ask to “Enter your email address”. Once user provide their email address then whenever you update your website then those all users will be automatically notified by email and they will come back on your website to check the latest information. This process is automatic so if your website have 10,000 subscribers then the next morning when they wake up they will receive a mail in inbox and visit your website.

5. Contact Address with verified Google Map
If your business needs users to visit your company office then we will add a Google Map on your contact us page that will guide them to find the directions to reach to you.

6.    Online Chat Services
We will integrate Skype and other free services can be used on your website so that the potential users can able to talk your online support agents and ask queries.

7.    Responsive Website
As you know most of the advanced users have latest mobile phones and connected to WiFi and other internet services. If you are targeting traffic from mobile users then your website should be responsive so that the website does not messed up in mobile, i Pad, tablet, desktop, laptops and other devices.

8. Navigation
As you know the website navigation should be user friendly. So we will use breadcrumbs and header/left navigation menus so that user can navigate smoothly and easily on website.

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