Vaseem Ansari

I am Vaseem Ansari and i created this website to help others to explore the things that i know more than others.

So here are few things about me

My Favorite Music: I love listening to Trance Music. When i find myself free or in journey, i start listening the Latest Trance Tracks from Armin Van Burren or Tiesto’s albums.

My Favorite Movies: Kal Ho Na Ho,

My Favorite Sports:

My Favorite TV Shows: I really hate this stupid box.

My Favorite Books: Yet to read more to find something interesting in them.

My Passions: Lots of there, will write about them later in detail.

My Hobbies: Apart from Listening to Music, i like Blogging, Web Programming, Hacking(Email Accounts, Passwords), Writing Articles on my blog to prevent Hacking and giving security guidelines for people to prevent them from hacking issues, Travelling, Listening to Other(if they dont suck me more as time goes on, ha ha).

My Favorite Cuisines: Daal Bati, Daal Rice, Butter Chicken

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