A village visit to Montmartre – Paris


             Montmartre – the name seems quite odd but really worth to visit. If you are hill view lover then montmarte is the best option to explore as it is a large hill in Paris 18th arrondissement. The hill is about 130 m in height. There are lots of ways to explore  Montmartre which has an artistic history with the white-domed Basilica of Sacre Coer on its summit.

There were many artists lived during 1872 to 1914 in Montmartre that why it is called the artistic place in history. Some of them are Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Maurice utrillo and Raoul Dufy. We can have a glance at the various painitngs made by them. There were associations of the artists and they gather sometimes together here.

Montmartre has really amazing ambience to walk though. There are cafeterias to relish you with the freshly brewed coffee with a wide menu of Paris foods. Whenever i visit any places i never miss an opportunity for eat out as im a foodie. Trying different foods around different places fulfills the purpose of my journey.

If you are a photo lover then Basilica’s Terrace is the best place for you. Sacré-Coeur Basilica refresh you with the top view of the place. There are museums, churches, hidden squares, bakeries and many more. To live as an amateur is a blessing. Keep on reading and stay blessed.



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