Flora of Unique Builder’s Project’s

Unique Builders as discussed in earlier posts are the pioneers and leaders in housing management. Here are the list of their projects;

IS Paradise
Unique Mantra
Unique Vidyadeep
UK Heights
My Haveli
Unique Emporia
Green Meadows
Unique Sapphire
Unique Joy
Unique Pristine
Unique Prime
Unique Apex Towers
Unique […]

About Unique Builders

Unique Builder’s, as the name suggests are a venture of mannat group with unique projects. They have started their work in 2002 and moving on to greater heights with their unique projects. They have their […]

Dream for a home which gives you all comfort

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Travel quizzes – About Taj Mahal- history, structure and cultural heritage.


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The mini Switzerland of India – Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh.


              Khajjiar, an old town located in the Himalyas which is one of the coldest places in this earth. […]

The Floating Post Office – One of the travel attractions in India.

Have you ever imagined about a floating experience in posting letters???what will be the feeling if you may get the letter posted by your Srinagar Girl friend is printed with the India’s most attractive sceneries […]

Bhangarh Fort- one of the most haunted places in India

Bhangarh fort hasbeen built in 17th century in the Aravalli Hills area of the Alwar District, Rajasthan. Now you wonder how it can be the most haunted place in India. Bhangarh fort consists of […]

How to make your travel picked-up with your handy digital camera

Photography tips and tricks – How to check your camera before going for a journey

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Photography tutorials – How to chose a DSLR camera

Photography tips and tricks – Choosing a good DSLR camera

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Photography Tutorials – Expodisc in White Balance

Photography tips and tricks – About the Expodisc.

Exposdisc in photography is one of the best tool to use. After taking photographs in Auto White Balance you have to do the post processing step right? now […]

Photography tutorials – Kelvin scale in white balance

Photography tips and tricks – About Kelvin Scale in white balance settings.

Kelvin scientifically refers to the scale related to temperature but here it defines the color temperature chart. The above figure shows the measurements of […]

Photography Tutorials – White Balance

Photography tips and tricks – White Balance adjustment

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Photography tutorials – The zonal system in digital photography.

Photography tips and tricks- The zone system in digital photography explained.

The Zone system is the mark ups in the meter in your digital camera. If you observe your meter, you can see reading either starting […]

Photography Tutorials – How to read a histogram.

Photography tips and tricks – Reading a Histogram

The Histogram shows you the level of exposed portion in your photographs. See the below picture, i will explain you better with the help of that.

Now you may […]

Photography tutorial – Camera settings, Focal Point.

Photography tips and tricks – Adjusting the focal point in your camera

Focal Point, as its name indicates is the point where we actually want to focus. In the above picture you can see the button […]

Photography Tutorials – ISO

Photography tips and tricks – ISO

ISO is the sensitivity of image sensor towards the light. ISO ranges from 100 to 6400. You can go to program mode to select the ISO, but setting it depends […]

Photography tutorials – The shutter Speed.

Photography tips and tricks – The shutter Speed

Shutter speed controls the amount of light to enter, the more slower the shutter speed the more motionless photos you get. Shutter speed is nothing but it helps […]

Photography Tutorials – The light hole Aperture

Photography tips and tricks – tutorial 2 – The Aperture

In the first tutorial, i have a little bit explained about the Aperture. Hope you may have all understood the nutshell about the magic hole Aperture. […]