Islaam Ramadan Mubarak

A dua for All in Holy month of Ramadan Kareem



Here’s wishing you all the best wishes and Ramadan Karim.
It’s never too late to make duas for my dear brothers and sisters. J

On behalf of my entire family, I pray that in this Ramadan your relationship with our AlMighty Creator is enhanced by all of your good actions. May Allah(swt) protect you and your family from all of the fitnah that lurks within our own souls. I beseech Allah(swt) to accept all of your prayers, fasts and supplications. Ameen

Please make dua for the Muslimeen across the Globe and for our community in Edmonton. Pray that we’re not a fitnah for others especially our own family members.

May Allah(swt) guide us to understand and implement the teachings from His book and our beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) message. May we never deviate from the straight path.

Please forgive me for my many shortcomings that you might of come across.

Time to smile
Time to celebrate
Time to fast
Time to binge
Time for everything…


Vaseem Ansari