ICICI EMI Payment Gateway JavaBridge Tomcat Server

Step by Step Procedure to setup JavaBridge on Tomcat Server

Today i am writing the case study i have done for creating the javabridge on local tomcat server. These simple steps for creating and installing javabridge are very useful for advanced users. I personally tested the steps before posting here. You can contact me if you find any difficulty in implementing the steps written above for javabridge installation

As i have recently created the JavaBridge on Tomcat server and then integrated the ICICI Payment gateway so here are few useful steps for advanced programmer to help them in creating the JavaBridge on their online Linux server.
Here are the simple step by step procedure to create JavaBridge.

1. Copy the JavaBridge.war to /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/ on your Linux server
2. Then upload the JavaBridge.jar and php-servlet.jar to /var/lib/tomcat5/shared/lib/
3. Restart the server using command service httpd restart
4. Make the changes in file and copy it in sfa.jar file.

5. Then copy all the 6 jar files in /var/lib/tomcat5/common/lib/
6. Copy the key folder with key files in it to /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/JavaBridge/ and set permission 777
7. Create new php.ini file at /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/JavaBridge/WEB-INF/cgi
8. Upload required php files and Sfa directory provided by ICICI to /var/lib/tomcat5/webapps/JavaBridge after making changes in TestSsl.php and Sfa/PostLibPHP.php
9. Then run the url and see the magic of JavaBridge.

If you find difficulty in any of the steps written above or you are a newbie in PHP then you should refer this link for How to install JavaBridge from the beginning or you can contact me for support.

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