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How to handle mistakes people do while using Google Adsence Accounts

Google Adsence Tips and Tricks

As most of my readers having Adsence accounts and they are using it with care also but Sometimes by mistake, you or your friends may click on ads running on your site.

I suggest you to avoid these situations to be faced and never click on advertisements running on your sites.

Never ask others to click on ads of your site.
Que1. But suppose if you clicked on Adsence Ads by mistake then what to do.

Que2. What if you opened your Adsence account from your office or cyber cafe (it may be possible that others users also did the same), then Google gets the IP of that computer and understand that both users are same. So what to do in these situations.
Solution and Tips for Adsence Users

1. Avoid these things in future.

2. Never access your Adsence Account from office or Cyber cafe.

3. Now don’t worry and inform google about the things you did above.

4. You can use this form here

5. Fill it and send it to Google saying by mistake you opened multiple adsense accounts from same IP.

6. Last but not the least from now on, be careful while opening Adsense account from same computer.

Email Tips Google Internet Tips

Google’s new e mail feature priority inbox available in your G mail box

Google is always a favorite mail client for me and as time spent, it gets better.
Google recently introduced a new mail features named as Priority Inbox.

Most of use daily receive so many mails and sometimes we stuck in those stupid mails and did not able to find out new and important mails to read first for us.  If you want the solution of this problem and if your dont want to miss the most important mails in your inbox then watch the video below and have fun with latest and new gmail’s priority inbox feature.

Internet Tips Orkut Social Networking

Orkut introduced new feature to manage friends group

Today i logged into my orkut account and i saw a video about new features of it.
This video comes only once and those who missed the cool video of Orkut can view the same video here.

So whats included in the new feature of orkut.

The new feature is easy to use and you can customise your orkut groups in a manner that top 5 groups will show on your Orkut home page here.

Once you login to your Orkut account you can manage the 5 groups to show on your home page.  The first group name is Everyone and you can add more by clicking on plus image there.

Its good to view all people from a specific group, so enjoy the new feature of Orkut and have fun watching the pretty lady in this Orkut Video.

Browsers Freebies Internet Tips Mozilla-Firefox

How to force Firefox to save/remember passwords of secure https website like paypal

Firefox is mostly used and effective browser. When you login to any web site, Firefox offers to save your user name and password. But it has some limitations and some pre configured things like, it will not ask you to save passwords for secure https websites like paypal, banking websites for internet banking logins and so many websites are there for which firefox will now ask you to save passwords.

Some of you want to save passwords for those sites then here is a working and tested trick to force firefox to save passwords for https and secured websites.

You don’t need to do anything simply open this url

Trick 1

and click on Remember Password and a popup box will open saying this

Removed autocomplete=off from 0 forms and from 0 form elements, and removed onsubmit from 0 forms. After you type your password and submit the form, the browser will offer to remember your password.

just click on ok and restart browser and now firefox will ask to save passwords for secure websites also.

Trick 2 (in case above trick dont work)

Here is another trick that is lil bit techy and you have to do some coding changes in firefox:

  1. Close any instance of Firefox.
  2. Open up C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\nsLoginManager.js using notepad. (Change the location to where you have installed Firefox)
  3. Search for the line: _isAutocompleteDisabled : function (element) {
  4. Delete the three lines after this line.

In our Firefox installation, these lines were at line number: 725, 726 and 727. Take a look at the screen shots below for more details.



Have fun enjoy the tips and tricks

If you find the trick is not working or any issues just drop a comment here and i will get back to you asap.


Freebies Internet Tips Services

How to Recover deleted or blocked Blogger/Blogspot blog

This is just like a nightmare that someday Google block your Blogger/blogspot blog or delete it, the same thing happened with me also.

One of my most wanted and popular blog was blocked by blogger team and i am still waiting for them to reply (my new blog

I generated a thread on blogger forum here

DARKUFO(team member) replied once then nobody replied,

so i personally suggest you to use self hosted wordpress blog or use any other platform for blogging but dont rely on Google as it will ban you anytime without giving any reasons.

But there is a specific procedure to restore Google Blogger blog.

Here is simple 4 steps for recover your deleted blogger blog.

Google team have created a simple easy 4 step protocol, which can be used to recover your deleted blogger blog.

Please do, in this order, without awaiting response from any previous step:

This is what Blogger team say :
1. Read the articles, cited below.  Learn how to do steps #2 and #3, and why we have this problem.  Help us to help you, and to help others.
2. Submit a review request. (You need to wait 48 hours (Mon-Fri) after submitting the request and submitting an appeal (Steps 2 and 3).)
3. Submit an appeal.
4. Post here, stating that you have executed steps #2 & #3 (and when did you do so?), and providing the BlogSpot URL(s) of the blog(s).

If you miss one step, the restore won’t work.  You need to do #1, then #2, then #3, then #4.  These are not mindless formalities, they are logical progression, and they help us to help you better.

This is a constant problem, and you’re not being singled out.  Get to work – you can do Steps #1 – 4 in an hour, and move on with your life.

I hope the above solution will help you to recover your blogger blog, i tried the same procedure and i can help you to explain the process.  So if you have any confusions in any step just drop your comments here and i will surely reply.

Domain Names Freebies Internet Tips Services WebSites

How to find available domain names for your new website/blog

If you are looking for new domain names for your new website then you can contact me. I know how much difficult it is to find a domain name for yourself or your business. Even it takes me a day and lot of research to choose a better and appealing domain name for my tech website. Well you are reading this page means to provide a best solution for your needs is my work.

I have a very good experience and deep knowledge about how to choose better domain name that satisfy your needs.

In recent 3 days i booked over 10 domain  names for my friend and i can do it for your as well.

Don’t worry i will not charge anything for suggesting a domain name, the only thing you need to do is,  leave a comment about your needs and your purpose of creating a website and i will suggest you best available domain names.